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COOK OUT APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT COOKOUT is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER does not discriminate in employment No question on this application is used for the purpose of limiting or exchanging any applicant s consideration for employment on a basis prohibited by local state or federal law TO BE FILLED OUT BY MANAGEMENT ONLY STORE RATE OF PAY GENERAL NAME FIRST M LAST SOCIAL SECURITY ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIPCODE PHONE IF UNDER 18 AGE BIRTHDATE // MUST BE AT LEAST 16 POSITION APPLYING FOR DATE...
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This video app review is brought to you by the iphone app review com what's up everybody this is luke patrick at the iphone app review calm today versus leo yet another video review today and the application that we're looking at is called cannibal cookout it's on my springboard ready to go and we are doing this on the ipad just because this is the way I played the game doing a written review and I kind of prefer it now on this format but this is universal application which means it's available for both your iPhone in the iPad so with that my room I'd slap this and get straight into it I'll try to slap better here's the main screen it does come with sounds which I'm going to turn off because it makes it easier to hear me and we go ahead and click through obviously i was playing this just before I you know stop so it kind of a sneak peek at some of the the action that's involved here the application just to give a brief summary is an arcade style game for the ipad and the iphone involving cannibalism you have to be as good a cannibal as possible and the idea is to feed your character this is the character that i have selected by throwing natives into the pot slinging policeman other obstacles have the way generally speaking doing all kinds of other things just to ensure the natives cook quickly and efficiently and you can also cook recipes as you go along so that's a nice thing to have we're going to head to show you how this works I'm going to keep playing the level that I was about to do only real complaint in this application is in fact loading loading takes a little while but aside from that hand like something else new in the shop you can buy additional items which I'm going to head and going to go ahead and show you now you can buy these the trading post and they come different varieties you have pot items which were used to protect your pot and sort of a castle defense kind of style mechanic likewise if you've got various weapons that you can use like I think I need some more Spears I guess I don't and recipe items things like that you can also get fuel to increase the flame of your pot you also have your own personal inventory that you get from raiding the natives which is nice to have a long and there's also recipe book you get extra skulls and extra items for cooking recipes like I have this finger platter recipe that needs to be cooked now so I could you know in fact you go ahead and add some things here this is really kind of a nice mechanic you use this just simply drag the items that you have into place within the recipe and then it shows you how much me anymore you need so like I need explorers native arms stuff like that so I'm going to actually grab some of these things just very quickly I won't bore you guys too much explore years sure where those would be there we go I don't rember amity and you don't need more skull so I can actually do that alright fine we'll skip it for now just show you how the game works so here's the main...